The best option is fitted athletic clothing.

Leggings that cover down to the ankle and high waists are optimal bottoms. Leggings with a gusset in the crotch are best. Mainly you want something to cover through the backs of the knees. Please check that your leggings do not include any zippers.

Tops are best covering the midriff area. As you invert, loose clothing slides away from the body, for this reason, leotards become optimal. First few classes we recommend sleeved tops (no tank tops) to protec...

To create an account and sign up for classes please visit the "schedules tab" from the website > view schedule > sign up for a class that fits your schedule > pay online > checkout

*Note that if this is your first class for 50% off you need to purchase the class in the "store" tab of MindBody first as well as any other active promotions

Once you have created a MindBody account payments can be made online using all major credit cards. You may also contact us via call or text at 907.699.8522 to pay with cash or checks.

Aerial yoga uses both the ground and the support of a soft hammock apparatus to transform traditional yoga into a multi dimensional experience.  This is a smaller class with one person per silk apparatus. The postures are low to the ground and flow from one series of postures to another.  Aerial yoga follows the flow and mind/body philosophy of traditional yoga and allows the addition of supported inversions and floating asanas. No experience is necessary.

Aerial silks is a combination of da...

We hear these words too much! Aerial silks is an activity that will help you become more flexible. There is no experience necessary and no background requirements.

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